International Photography Exhibit: Our Best
Closes 07/14/2022
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Since 1994, the New Jersey Photography Forum has grown to be the largest group of exhibiting fine art photographers in the New York area. We have successfully run an annual juried exhibit through the Watchung Arts Center since our founding that has developed into one of the most important photography exhibits in the metropolitan area.

In spite of the fluctuating limitations on public gathering due to the virus, the NJPF has decided to move forward with plans for the annual November juried exhibit with several enhancements.


  • We will choose up to 75 images from the total submissions received by July 14, 2022 at midnight (Eastern Standard Time). Those images will be included in two virtual exhibits featured on the NJ Photography Forum and the Watchung Art Center websites. There will be cash awards for Excellence and Merit. 
  • There will be lots of press, 
  • There will be 3 experienced jurors from the international art community,
  • We will move forward with an in-person exhibit at the Watchung Art Center if the climate allows. 
  • We will conduct a Zoom conference on November 12th from3-5pm (EST) moderated by the curator to review the exhibit as well as coordinate interviews with several of the artists. 
Colorific: Exploring the Power of Color
Closes 08/01/2022
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Color exists all around us, but we don't always take the time to enjoy its beauty, feel its emotions or understand its power. Explore the boundries of "color" for this annual exhibit. Photographers are invited to submit up to four(4) images based on the presentation of color. Submissions may be "traditional" photography, abstract images, manipulations or manufactured composites that incorporate this theme.

Exhibit is limited to appx 30 pieces. Included pieces will be selected by a peer panel from the submissions. Evaluations will be based on: Composition, Impact, Creativity, Technical Execution and Consistency with the Theme.

The gallery is in a performing arts center open to all ages. Images submitted should be appropriate for this environment.

Water: Exploring an Element of Nature
Closes 08/20/2022
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Water is essential to support life and is just about everywhere you look inside and outside in our environment. It flows, it freezes, it drops, it splashes, it vaporizes, it falls and it rises up. Water can be clear, colored, solid, fluid, or in the air. It can reflect, absorb and distort. Life on Earth cannot exist without it.

In both literature and art, water represents a wide variety of meanings. It is considered the universal symbol for change – it is forever flowing, and it can take any course. Water is used to symbolize purity, cleansing, grace and music. It can help to make a photograph have more meaning than what it might seem at first glance. Rainbows, for instance, are not just pretty – they are symbols of hope and would not exist without water and light.

Use water as a major compositional element in your photographs to create texture and focus for the viewer. It must be a very meaningful part of your image, the main subject, or create the mood and impact of the photograph. We invite you to explore this natural wonder through realistic or abstracted interpretations.

Photographers may submit up to 6 images. They can be a series or a variety of individual images.

Images will be selected based upon their composition, technical execution, artistic merit, impact on the viewer and compliance with the theme. Images must be appropriate for person of all ages.