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Shades of Gray: More than just Black and White
Closes 03/15/2024
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The color gray can help establish a variety of emotions, impact content or subtalty, create soft textures, or show us a moody atmosphere. The grayscale supports mystery, drama and nostalgia while defining form and contrast. Explore the in between spaces and impressions that support the many possibilities within a black and white image, or use only gray.    

Photographers are invited to submit up to six(6) images. There is no limit on size.

Submissions may be architectural, industrial, abstract, “street photography,” or composites. They should be cutting edge, modern, and appeal to a younger audience.

This exhibit will include at least 60 images. Pieces will be selected by a peer panel. Evaluations will be based on: Composition, Impact, Creativity, Technical Execution and Consistency with the Theme.

The gallery is in an International Corporate Headquarters. Images  submitted should be well presented and appropriate for this environment and clientel.

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